What Can Osteopathy Do For You

Osteopathy is a form of osteopathic medicine that focuses on the very foundations of health – your bones, muscles, tissues and joints. This treatment is based upon osteopathic principles, which means that osteopaths treat the whole person – mind and body – to help a person function better. It’s a natural way of improving your overall health rather than just treating the symptoms of an illness or injury.

Osteopathy can help with a range of issues, including: back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sports injuries, headaches, and digestive problems. Osteopathy can also help to improve your overall sense of wellbeing and can be used as a preventative measure to keep you healthy.

If you’re looking for an osteopathic treatment that can help to improve your health, osteopathy may be the right choice for you. 

Osteopaths are highly trained professionals who use a variety of techniques to treat their patients. These techniques can include massage, joint manipulation, and cranial osteopathy.

Osteopaths in Beaconsfield may use osteopathic treatments, such as:

  • gentle and regular massage to help loosen muscles and soothe tense joints 
  • osteopathic treatment, where your osteopath uses their hands to diagnose your problem areas and relieve pain 
  • dry needling, where a fine needle is inserted in your muscle to encourage blood flow and relieve pain 
  • osteopathy for children, where specially trained osteopaths can assist with a range of concerns, from behavioural disorders to respiratory problems 

Osteopaths may also prescribe osteopathic medication. This is a natural treatment that can help you to feel better.

Osteopathy is a great way to improve your own wellbeing and can help you to function better. Osteopathy also offers a preventative measure, meaning that osteopathy can help those who are prone to recurring health problems.

Osteopathy isn’t just for those who are currently experiencing back pain or joint pain – osteopathic treatments can be used as a way of promoting good health and preventing problems from arising in the future.

If you’re looking for an osteopathic treatment that can benefit your health, osteopathy may be the right choice for you. Contact us today at Autism Osteopathy to find out more and book an appointment.