How Massage And Osteopathy Come Together

What do osteopathy and massage have in common? Both are considered forms of alternative medicine, relying on manual manipulation of the body to promote healing. Osteopathy is a relatively newer form of medicine, dating back to the 1800s. It focuses on restoring health by balancing the body’s systems – including muscles, bones, and organs. Massage therapy is also a holistic practice.

It differs from osteopathy in that it doesn’t rely on osteopathic techniques, but massage is used to promote wellness and help the body heal itself with the use of pressure, stretching, and gentle manipulation.

Everyone knows that when you’re injured or feel pain somewhere in your body, a massage can make you feel better. In osteopathy, this is the whole idea behind treatment: In osteopathy the osteopath diagnoses and treats injuries to muscles, bones and joints as well as internal organs.

The osteopathic philosophy is that those structures exert an influence on one another all out of proportion to their size or position in the body, and osteopaths treat the whole body rather than specific symptoms or problems.

For osteopathy treatment to work well osteopaths will not only need strong communication skills, but also excellent diagnostic skills. They’ll need to do thorough examinations of their patients so they can determine which areas are causing pain and discomfort.

Massage therapists also need good communication skills – and many of them also have training in anatomy and physiology so they can better understand the body and how it works.

Both osteopathy and massage therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, and headaches. Osteopaths often use osteopathy treatment to work alongside other kinds of medical treatments, such as medication and physical therapy.

However osteopaths treat their patients, osteopathy Beaconsfield or therapist could help you get better results from your current health care plan.

Plus osteopathic techniques can sometimes reduce the number of medications a patient needs to take, and massage therapists can offer tips on how to improve your posture and reduce stress in your life. If you’re considering osteopathy or massage therapy, be sure to ask your health care provider if these treatments might be right for you.